Children's Sunday Church Bulletins

     Every Sunday morning after the Choir sings, there is "Blessings with the Children."  This is a time for all the children in the Sanctuary to come to the front and sit along the step in front of the altar to listen to a sermon directed especially for them.  Usually Margie Hunkus conducts the children's sermon.  In her absence, Pastor MaryAnn presides.

        After reorganizing the file cabinets in the Office at Church, I discovered several years of Children's original church bulletins for for the Sunday church services, age appropriate 3-6 years of age and also, 7-12 years.  So, we decided what an excellent idea to run these off for the kids.  The bulletins are available every Sunday, located in the back hallway entrance on the table there.  Please feel free to take them home for absentee children.                ~ Deb Filipovich, Church Secretary