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UMW Minutes - Tuesday,  January, 26th, 2021

There were 9 members present. 

Treasurers Report:  Becky Whitman

Balance: $1,853.26  Receipts: $72.31, funeral dinner cash, $150.00 check, Shirley Evans

Total disbursements: ($220.23)

Old Business:

We unanimously cancelled all food involved events until Pandemic is over. 

Annual Tea;  Katie Blaney had canceled last year.  

We decided not to have the Tea this year as well..

Motion was made by Sandy Keir and2nd by Kate Blaney: motion carried.

New Business:

Kate Blaney shared the number for signing up for inoculations.

1-(800) 244-0666. UMW Sunday, May 2020 last year was canceled.

Holding off to see how this year goes.

Lori Rees added that in lieu of the Christmas baskets to shut-ins being cancelled last year,

she suggested we do either baskets or send out cards for Easter,(April 4th) this year. 

Also, voted to skip the February meeting and reconvene in March. 

Becky Whitman made a motion to do so, Lori Rees, 2nd; motion was carried'

Prayer concerns & Cards:   Cards going out to: Bruce Anthony,(Ethyl May passed.)

Debbie Hubbard, (Nancy Poltar passed),Doris Whitman,

(Becky Whitman's sister-in law's son passed).

Program:  Sandy Keir, "Call to Prayer and Self Denial!"

Money was collected for "Prayer and Self Denial."

(*Note:  Due to social distancing, we have put aside all food/beverage hosting).

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Filipovich