New Chairperson, Liisa Onstott.  


Our Church sponsors three missionaries:  the Wilkersons, the Krutshers and Lisa Alfonsi.  

We also support the Warren Family Mission, the Hartford Food Bank, also at times, Someplace Safe, and Hannah's House.



You may have noticed in our printed newsletters, that there is an article every month for the home bound derived from the publication "HomeTouch."  Pastor MaryAnn subscribes to this and receives an envelope every month with pages of scripture, puzzles, etc. to  be mailed out to our shut ins.  There is a separate page for every week of that month.  We now have ten people that we post the "HomeTouch" publication to.  Thank you, Pastor MaryAnn for this thoughtful gesture.  

Hometouch....We also send out a "Thinking of You" Card, that the entire congregation signs on the first Sunday of every month, to be sent out to one of our "Shut In's."  A card in the mail is extra special and let's them know that we are thinking about them.   ~  

Blessings.....  Every Sunday, a card is put out for the congregation to sign, to be sent out to one of our Members as an extension of Grace in Our Church and our mission as Christians.

Guys & Gals Night Out

Saturday, April 21st, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m......"Come one, come all!"  We're having homemade soups and desserts.  Also, a night with a guest speaker and singers, Brenda & Charlie Jarvis.  Come join us!


Wednesday, March 21, 6:30 p.m.

     Debbie Messersmith opened the meeting with a discussion about upcoming CPR/Airborne Passages Certification on April 9th at Noon.  Nine people from our church have been selected to participate.  This has been enacted by the Greater Church for "Safe Sanctuary."  

     Saturday, March 24th, background checks were submitted online for all employees and volunteers of the Church.  We will be reviewing safety procedures and a new file has been set up for forms necessary for the protection of our children.  There will be a Safety Drill for the Sunday School Teachers.

     Lance Graben is "Lingering" in the parking lot!  He's there to help if you need assistance at any time!

     New "Buzzers" are being installed at the front/back doors, as we lock these during active hours.  Just "Buzz Away" and we'll let you in!

     Also, newly elected Chairperson for Awareness is Joe Baldwin. We welcome him and appreciate his help in keeping our Congregation Safe and Sound.



....with Marlene Graban sharing her Missionary time in Liberia

     "I was looking through all my pictures from Liberia and I realized how God has Blessed me.  I arrived safe after many hours of traveling.  The weather was fantastic at 90 degrees and the scenery amazing!  The people at Camphor Mission were very welcoming.  I assisted one of the kindergarten classes and developed a friendship with the teacher and students.  I did a lot of walking around the mission to visit the clinic, dormitories and church.  It was so interesting to walk to the villages and meet the people.  clothes were taken and given to those in need."

     "I hope everyone enjoyed my pictures and talk about Liberia at church last Sunday, (March 18th).  I could not have experienced this without your support! "

                                                                          Love my Church Family,