Wednesday, March 21, 6:30 p.m.

     Debbie Messersmith opened the meeting with a discussion about upcoming CPR/Airborne Passages Certification on April 9th at Noon.  Nine people from our church have been selected to participate.  This has been enacted by the Greater Church for "Safe Sanctuary."  

     Saturday, March 24th, background checks were submitted online for all employees and volunteers of the Church.  We will be reviewing safety procedures and a new file has been set up for forms necessary for the protection of our children.  There will be a Safety Drill for the Sunday School Teachers.

     Lance Graben is "Lingering" in the parking lot!  He's there to help if you need assistance at any time!

     New "Buzzers" are being installed at the front/back doors, as we lock these during active hours.  Just "Buzz Away" and we'll let you in!

     Also, newly elected Chairperson for Awareness is Joe Baldwin. We welcome him and appreciate his help in keeping our Congregation Safe and Sound.