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"Who are the homebound, and what do they want?"

by Timothy Merrill

     The homebound are often acutely aware of their limitations.  They miss going to church or to the hairdresser.  They don't like to fuss with oxygen tanks, tubes and cords.  They're often irritated that they can't manage a few steps, or do simple things on their own anymore.  That's why they love it when someone visits for the sole purpose of taking them for a walk to the corner market, or arranging to get them to a store to do some shopping.  Others are greateful for the company they get.  The fortunate are those who have regular weekly visior from their church who will study the Bible with them and bring news from their old friends there....."when our senior citizens stay at home instead of iin anb assisted living facility, they remain "locked" within those four walls; never going out, never socializing.  In assisted living it allows them to become socially interactive with others in a safe environment.

     (Exerpt taken from the HT Quarterly-WInter 2019)

     Our hearts go out to those that want to remain in their homes.