Sunday, February 11th....

The Transfiguration of Jesus is an event reported in the New Testament when Jesus is transfigured and becomes radiant in glory upon a mountain. See the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew 17:1-8, Mark 9:2-8, Luke 9:28-36).  Also, to continue reading this article check on the internet and Google: Transfiguration of Jesus Wikipedia.....  Or read it in your February Newsletter mailed to you.

Wednesday, February 14th...

Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting, is the first day of Lent in Western Christianity.  It occurs 46 days (40 fasting days, if the six Sundays, which are not days of fast, are excluded) before Easter and can fall as early as February 4 or as late as March 10th.  To continue reading this article please check on the internet and Google:  Ash Wednesday Wikipedia....Or read it in your February Newsletter mailed to you.

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Black History Month

Only God is able.....   There is so much frustration in the world because we have relied on gods rather than God.  We have genuflected before the god of science only to find that it has given us the atomic bomb....We have worshiped the god of pleasure only to discover that thrills play out and sensations are short-lived.  We have bowed before the god of money only to learn that there are such things as love and friendship that money cannot buy and that, in a world of possible depressions, stock market crashes and bad business investments, money is a rather uncertain deity.  These transitory gods are not able to save or bring happiness to the human heart.  Only God is able.  It is faith we must rediscover.           ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.   

  ~ February 1997, The Newsletter,Newsletter