February Newsletter/2018

Pastor MaryAnn's Message

"Let your Christianity be so unmistakable and your walk so straight forward, that all who see you may have no doubt whose you are and whom you serve."         ~ J.C. Ryle

     How about you?  Where are you with your walk with Christ?  Can people tell you're a Christian by the way you walk or talk with Christ?  I don't know about you, but I serve a living God!  There is no mistaking a Christian that is right with Him!  It is really hard to hide that light of Christ....And why would you want to?  Let your light Shine for Christ and your love for Him be evident in all you do! 

In His Leading,

Pastor MaryAnn

.....Heads Up!

    Bible Study's last Meeting will be February 14th, Ash Wednesday/Valetines Day/Beginning of Lent.  We will nnot meet during Lent.  We will resume Wednesday, April 4th...after Easter Sunday.


   Classes started Wednesday, January 17th at 7:00 p.m., and will run for five weeks, through February 14th.  Contact me for further details.  Bring your Bible!           ~ Pastor MaryAnn