March Newsletter/2018

Pastor MaryAnn's Message..........

     John Giltner & I were going through some things in the Church one day and he found some board erasers.  He said, "We don't need these anymore- we don't make mistakes!"  "Ha! Ha!" I laughed, "Well, I certainly do!"

This is Lent, a time to reflect on your walk with the Lord.  A time to repent for your sins, a time for fasting and prayer.  Lent is a time to get ready for Easter.  

Have you made a mistake lately?  Don't you wish you could use an eraser to start over again?  If only it could be that simple?....Wait, is!  You can ask God for forgiveness at any time and in any place.  The one word we can say is Jesus and He comes to your rescue.

    Psalm 51:15-17, says,....Oh Lord, open my lips and my mouth will declare your praise.  You do not delight in Sacrifice, or I would bring it: you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings.  The Sacrifices of God are a broken Spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

    How loving is our almighty God!  He is a God of second chances!  So, take your broken and contrite heart to Jesus!  Let Him erase your sins and start afresh this Lent Season!  Easter is around the corner!

    ~  Lovin Him, Pastor MaryAnn

.....Heads Up!

    Bible Study's last Meeting will be February 14th, Ash Wednesday/Valetines Day/Beginning of Lent.  We will nnot meet during Lent.  We will resume Wednesday, April 11th...after Easter Sunday.