May Newsletter/2018

Pastor MaryAnn's Message..........

         May is here, that went fast!  Doesn't it seem the older one gets, the faster the days go by?  Our Bible Study is going very fast.  We are going to be done in a couple of weeks.  We have learned so much!!  It is hard to believe it had 31 chapters.  Each week we explored and dug in our heels and held on tight for the ride of a life time.  Just what would we have done if we didn't stay for Bible study?  Watched TV or read a book?   I am so proud of all the attendees...Just about every week we had at least 10 and sometimes 12!  I am real excited for the men and women and what is to come of their lives, because they gave of their time and talents to help others.  All of us have questions and all of us tried to give answers to God's challenges in His Word.  For instance one time I couldn't remember a scripture detail.  I remember Peter denying Jesus 3 times, but I totally forgot that Jesus and he had an encounter after the denials?  I know I read it before because it is highlighted several times in my Bible.  But I just forgot. That gives me some time to study further into the subject...I love that about God, He is so good!  He catches our curiosity and before you know it is several hours later!  Forget about TV or a book, read THE BOOK and get connected to the Almighty!

     Our time may be going faster, but if you want to slow it down....sit down with His Word and relax in a comfortable chair and soak up as much as you can of His goodness.  You will be so glad you spent your time with Him!  There is nothing better!  Do you have time in your schedule for God this month?  Should we start another Bible Study?  Please let me know.  You're all in my prayers, love to all!

                                                                                                     ~  Just Soaking up His Word, Pastor MaryAnn

.....Heads Up!

    Bible Study will end, Wednesday, 16th.