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February Newsletter/2019

Pastor MaryAnn's Message……….

       It's a new year and that means new responsibilities in some of our lives.  I was praying over the list of leadership positions for this year.  We have some new faces and some that are experienced "trailblazers."  My prayer is that those who have been on a committee before will help those that are new.  The nominating committee tried to ask some new people but were not always successful.  If you are not on a committee and would like to serve the Lord in that capacity please let them or me know.  Kingdom work is something we all need to take part in to feel connected to our one and only God.  Its all in the attitude?  When it comes to meetings no one dreads meetings some times more than me.  Especially when people don't show, you feel like you have wasted your time and you can get frustrated pretty easily.  That is, if you let it get to you.  Be grateful for the ones that did show and get as much done that you can under the circumstances.  It's all in the attitude.  We laugh and pray and usually get reacquainted with people in our meetings.  They re informative and fun because we make them that way.

     Did Jesus hold meetings?  Did the disciples show up?  One example might be when He met with them at the Last was very important that they all show up and they did.  Jesus didn't have to call up the ones who missed the meeting and give them an update.  They didn't miss the touching Passover Meal.  This is where Jesus tells them about what is going to happen next in His ministry.  A lot was discussed at that meeting  Read Luke 22:7-38.  Those are the "minutes" from His last meeting with them before He was arrested in the garden.  Just think what they would have missed.

     what meeting have you missed lately?  Don't miss out on time with your Savior or your church family.  We need every one of you!  So pray fully about joining us on a committee, and having fun with your brothers and sisters in Christ.  The more the merrier!                 

 ~ Pastor MaryAnn