2019 February Meeting

The next Board Meeting is Thursday, February 21st @ 7:30 p.m.  Also, would like to remind the Board Chairpersons to remember to have their articles ready, for any upcoming events to be put in the newsletter...to be turned no later than the third Wednesday of the month.


Board Members 2019

Chairman - Katie Blaney                               Junior Church - Debbie Messersmith

Recording Secretary - Deb Filipovich              Clothing Mission - Judy & John Giltner

Treasurer - Cindy Davidson                           Education - Liisa Onstott/Lori Rees

Lay Leader/UMW - Sandy Timko                    Awareness - Lance Graban & Joe Baldwin

SPRC -  Becky Whitman                                Worship - Cindy Barzak

Finance - Tom Keir                                       Finance Secretary - Marlene Graban 

Trustees - Charlie Thornton                           Pastor - Mary Ann Rufener

Mission/Outreach - Liisa Onstott                     UMW - Sandy Timko